Woman on Scooter Falls Down Escalator….for reals???

26 Jul

We’ve made fun of Rascal accidents before, but this is a bit much.


Episode 3, Season 3: Maya Angelou and Christopher Walken Walk Into a Bar…

29 Jun

Hey peeps! New episode! 

In this episode the boys talk about pink slime, Dr. Maya Angelou and actor Christopher Walken stop by to answer WYR: live for ever at Disneyland or work until you die at Walmart? The boys return for a Sarah-ful MFK, and then a throwback discussion about hockey.


Charles Bradley, Polyphonic Spree, Butch Walker and the Black Widows, and Foxy Shazam all cover Nirvana songs. Look them up, they’re cool.

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Robopocalypse Now

15 Jun

This is an awesome link to an awesome video about surviving the upcoming robot uprising. Why do I bring this up? We debated this in one of our eps! We talked about robot uprising versus zombie uprisings. What do YOU think?


12 Jun

So obviously robots are Nazis, right?

New episode of the new season! The boys revisit Dropping Loads, WYR: Zombie Apocalypse vs. Robot Apocalypse, PPP: Pixar, Patton Oswalt, “Superman: Secret Identity”

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You’ve Been Struck by a Rascal

22 May

Rate the Universe AND a New Episode!! Episode 13, Season 2: A Rascal Accident

20 May

I’ve fallen and I can’t….well, I don’t think Life Alert is gonna be able to help this time.

1st Rate the Universe is awesome. Especially because they let us come on and have fun on their show sometimes! Ronell was on not ONE but TWO episodes and they are hilarious…at least your mom thinks so. So click those two linky links and laugh your balls off.

2nd To capitalize on those two barn burning episodes, we’ve pushed our new episode up a few days. The boys talk about watching an accident, they discuss a clean I Call Bullsh*t, MFK 80’s sitcom moms, and Russ is in rare form telling “awards” to eat his balls. Enjoy!

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Hey, listen to us mobile!

14 May

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